A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

It's time to paint some hexagons! With Hexcars, you will have to paint as much hexagons as possible and beat your opponent.

Hexcars is an arcade racing for 2 players with a main objective, paint hexagons. Although this basic mechanic is pretty straightforward, during the game you will have to refill your paint tank in order to keep painting. Plus, there are powerups that you will be able to use, having a good effect on you or bother the oponent.

You will find the original itch.io website here: https://hexcars.itch.io/hexcars
You will find the early prototype here as well: https://nalx.itch.io/hex-cars


Hexcars [Windows OS] 52 MB
Hexcars [Mac] 56 MB
Hexcars Prototype 67 MB

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